Updated: 4/11/2016

One of the basic steps in starting your new business is to review applicable city, county, state and federal regulations and obtain any necessary licenses or permits. The following lists some of the requirements at each level of government for Johnson County, MO. It is a general guide and should not be considered an all-inclusive checklist. Requirements vary depending on the type, size, location, etc., of your business.


Johnson County Merchants Licenses  
Johnson County Tax Collector

Missouri Statute Section 150 requires that every person, corporation, partnership or association of persons who deals as a merchant is required to obtain a county merchant license.  A merchant is defined in the Missouri Statutes as: a person, corporation, partnership or association of persons who engages in the selling of goods, wares and merchandise at any store at wholesale or retail. 

Johnson County Liquor Licenses
Johnson County Clerk’s Office

To receive a Johnson County Liquor License, you must first have a State Liquor License obtained from the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. Once you have obtained the State Liquor License, you may contact the Johnson County Clerk’s Office to obtain a County Liquor License. Please note,  some cities may require a specific liquor license as well.

Johnson County Community Health Environmental Health Permits   
Johnson County Community Health

Environmental Public Health includes services and resources relating to sanitation and safety inspections of food establishments, child care facilities and lodging establishments as well as oversight of onsite wastewater treatment system construction and technical assistance for all environmental public health concerns.  Please use the following links to access information about specific environmental public health services. 

Johnson County Floodplain Management
Johnson County Emergency Management

Floodplain maps for the unincorporated areas of Johnson County as well as the cities of Warrensburg, Holden and Knob Noster are available for viewing in the Emergency Management office, as well as base flood elevations of some of the bridges in the county for permit purposes.  If you are building in a special flood hazard area in the unincorporated areas of Johnson County, you will need to obtain a permit from the Emergency Management office.  If you are building in the incorporated city limits, you will need to contact the respective city hall.

Military Airport Zoning CommissionUnincorporated Areas surrounding Whiteman AFB Johnson County Economic Development Corporation
Phone: 660-747-0244

The Johnson County Military Airport Planning Commission was formed to protect the residents and businesses surrounding Whiteman Air Force Base from flight hazards and to limit encroachment in the unincorporated areas.  If you are interested in locating your business within close proximity to Whiteman Air Force Base, please contact the JCEDC office at 660-747-0244.

Johnson County (Unincorporated Areas) Planning and Zoning
There are no planning and zoning regulations, building codes or occupancy certificates in Johnson County, Missouri, for the unincorporated areas, unless the property is located in the Whiteman Air Force Base Planning and Zoning area.  If building in an incorporated city limits, city ordinances will apply.


  • City of Centerview, Missouri
    Centerview City Hall
    Phone: 660-656-3688
    At this time, the City of Centerview does not have planning and zoning and does not require a building permit or business license.  For more information, contact the Centerview City Hall.
  • City of Chilhowee, Missouri 
    Chilhowee City Hall

    Phone: 660-678-3738
    At this time, the City of Chilhowee doesn't have planning and zoning and does not require a building permit or business license.  For more information, contact the Chilhowee City Hall.
  • City of Holden, Missouri
    Holden City Hall
    Phone: 816-732-4811
    Building Permits:  Before beginning any major renovation or new construction in Holden, the City of Holden requires that a building permit be obtained.


    • Business License:  City of Holden requires a business license.  Business licenses can be obtained from City Hall during open hours. 
    • Liquor License: Contact Holden City Hall regarding liquor licensing.
    • Planning and Zoning: Before beginning your new business in Holden, please verify that zoning is conducive to your operations.
  • City of Kingsville, Missouri  
    Kingsville Mayor
    Phone: 816-720-3520

    At this time, the City of Kingsville does not have planning and zoning and does not require a building permit or business license.  For more information, contact the City of Kingsville Mayor.
  • City of Knob Noster, Missouri
    Knob Noster City Hall
    Phone: 660-563-2595


  • City of Leeton, Missouri
    Business License: Any business located inside the city limits or businesses that conduct business inside the City of Leeton are required to obtain a business license from City Hall. Business licenses are $10 and are renewed annually on June 1. Proof of liability insurance is required to obtain a business license. Individuals or businesses conducting business inside the city limits are subject to applicable fines and penalites.
  • Phone: 660-653-4622

For questions, or to obtain a business license, contact City Hall. 

  • City of Warrensburg
    Warrensburg City Hall
    Phone: 660-747-9131


    • Building PermitsContact the Building Official if you or your landlords make any changes to the building you own or lease, or if new construction is proposed.  A building permit must be obtained before any construction work can begin.  Before beginning any major renovation or new construction in Warrensburg, the city requires that a building permit be obtained.  Application forms are available online. Please note the Building Requirements that may be applicable to you.
    • Business License:  The city requires most businesses to obtain a merchant's license.  Application forms are available online or from the City Collector.  Depending on the type of business you may need a sales tax number, proof of insurance, and competency exams (contractors).  Before a license is issued and prior to the business opening, a business license inspection will be conducted by the Building Inspector and the Fire Department. 
    • Building Requirements:
    • Home Occupations: The city strictly limits the types of home occupations permitted in residential areas.  All home occupations are required to register with the City of Warrensburg.  Contact the City Collector for a Warrensburg Home Occupation Permit Application.  Questions concerning the application or the proposed home occupation should be directed to the City Planner.
    • Liquor License: Warrensburg requires a liquor license. State and County liquor licenses are also required.
    • Signs: Warrensburg regulates the number, type, and placement of signs used to advertise your business.  Contact the City Planner to receive a Warrensburg Sign Permit Application. These are also available online.
    • Zoning: Warrensburg has eleven separate zoning districts and each district has its own minimum lot size, building height, setback, parking, landscaping and other requirements. Copies of the Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance can be purchased at City Hall located at 102 S. Holden Street. If you have a question concerning a specific zoning requirement for your project, please contact the City Planner at 660-747-9135.
    • Professional Building and Site Plans are required for any property that is commercial, industrial, or multi-family (3+ units)